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3D Biotek, LLC is a high-tech biomedical engineering company located in New Jersey, USA. Using its Precision 3D Micro-Fabrication Technology and Advanced Bio-Manufacturing Technology, 3D Biotek is a leader and the industry's only dedicated driving force in the research and development of novel 3-dimensional (3D) cell culture devices for stem cell/tissue engineering, drug discovery and broad cell biology applications. 3D Biotek provides the finest quality 3D cell culture products and produces customized products to fit our clients’ special needs.


Introducing 3D Cell Expansion System (3D-CES)

3D-CES is a novel integrated system designed for large-scale expansion of anchorage-dependent cells in a 3D micro-environment. Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ASCs) and Primary Human Fibroblasts (hFbs) were successfully expanded in 3D Biotek's laboratory to 200-300 million in about 2 weeks or less. The 2-chamber design of the system allows a max capacity of about 500 million cells per production run. The fully automatic system will be launched to the market on Q3-2024. Click here for detail.


ASTM Scaffold Workshop

"Standards and Measurements for Tissue Engineering Scaffolds: What Do We Have; What Do We Need?"

To read related newsletter (May 2013 Issue 1), click here for more detail.

Enter the Third Dimension | The Scientist

Cell culture goes 3-D with devices that better mimic in vivo conditions.

Featured article on The Scientist, September 1, 2012. Click here for more detail.

Cancer Tissue Engineering

"A Novel 3D Polystyrene Scaffold for In Vitro Isolation and Amplification of Lymphoma Cancer Cells from Heterogeneous Cell Mixtures." Click here to read the recent research article published on Journal of Tissue Engineering by 3D Biotek and the Cancer Center of Hackensack University.

Growing Cells on 3-Dimensional Scaffolds

3D Biotek Seeks to Mimic In Vivo Cell Growth & Behavior Characteristics With Its Technology. Click here to read the featured article on GEN (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News).

Transitioning Toward 3D Cell Culture

Powerful and versatile tool beginning to demonstrate significant potential. Click here to read the featured article on GEN (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News).




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3D Insert Cell Seeding Tutorial Video

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