News and Company Events

  1. 2010
    1. December
      • 3D Biotek will attend 50th American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting and 52nd ACH (American Society of Hermatology) Annual Meeting & Exposition
    2. November 17th
      • 3D Biotek will have a free interactive workshop on 3D Cell Culture.
    3. October
      • 3D Biotek gave poster and company presentation at Biotech 2010
    4. July
      • Expansion of PS and PCL product lines
    5. April
      • Partnership with BioCellChallenge and Launch of 3D Cell Transfection Kit
    6. March 26th
      • Marika Bergenstock receives the STAR award from the Society For Biomaterials.  Her paper, entitled “Engineered Polystyrene Scaffolds For In Vitro Three-Dimensional Disease Models,” was nominated as an outstanding contribution to the Society For Biomaterial 2010 Annual Meeting and will be presented in Concurrent Session 8 - Engineered Disease Models for Basic Research and Drug Discovery on Saturday Apr 24, 2010 3:45 PM - 5:45 PM.
  2. 2009
    1. August 11th
      • 3D Biotek anounced today that it will receive the following 3 fellowship awards from the NJ Commission on Science And Technology (NJCST):
        First Year Technology Fellowship - Dr. Carlos Eduardo Caicedo-Cravajal
        Second Year Technology Fellowship - Dr. Marika Bergenstock
        First Year Entrepreneur Fellowship - Ms. Irina Briller, MBA
        Official Announcement can be found on NJCST's website
    2. August 13th
      • 3D Biotek anounced today that it has been awarded an SBIR Phase I grant from NIH. The funded project is for the development of novel 3D biodegradable porous polymer scaffolds with a biomimetic extracellular matrix (ECM) coating for tissue engineering application. 3D Biotek expects that these novel scaffolds will have wide applications in bone, cartilage, and other tissue repair areas. These novel scaffolds can also be used for delivery of therapeutic cells, including stem cells.
    3. August 14th
      • Two abstracts were presented at the 2nd World Congress of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) which was held from August 31 - September 3, 2009 in Seoul, Korea. The two abstracts are:
        Superior 3D In Vitro Tumor Models with Polystyrene Scaffolds (Poster #374)
        Comparison of Osteogenic Cell Differentiation within 2D and 3D Culture Systems (Poster #1118)
    4. September 2nd
      • 3D Biotek announced today that it will have 3 posters to present in the following upcoming conferences:
        AACR Advances in Breast Cancer Research Special Conference. October 13-16, 2009 in San Diego, CA
        "A Novel In Vitro Three-Dimensional Breast Cancer Model Using Polystyrene Scaffolds"
        NJ Stem Cell Research Symposium - Sept. 24, 2009, Bridgewater Marriott, Bridgewater, NJ.
        "Novel Polycaprolactone (PCL) Scaffolds For Three-Dimensional Stem Cell Differentiation"
        AACR Conference on Frontiers in Basic Cancer Research - Oct. 8-10, Boston, MA.
        "Polystyrene Scaffolds: A Novel Tool to create In Vitro Three-Dimensional Cancer Models"
    5. November 18th
      • 3D Biotek announced that it was awarded an Edison Innovation R&D grant from NJ Commission on Science and Technology to develop bioactive bone and cartilage repairing scaffolds. More details can be found at the following link
      • The New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) announced the winners of its 2009 “Best of Year” honors last night at the Annual NJTC Awards Gala. The black-tie event, which celebrates the technology sectors of New Jersey, was held at the Palace at Somerset. 3D Biotek received an award of “2009 Incubator Company to Watch” in the Award Gala. Click here to read the press release.
  3. 2008
    1. March 14th
      • Press Release  - Official Launch of 3D InsertTM-PCL
    2. November 6th
      • 3D Biotek announced today that it had received an official patent right granting notification from the State Intellectual Property Office of China with respect to its utility model patent application "THREE DIMENSIONAL CELL CULTURE INSERT MADE FROM NON-DEGRADABLE POLYMERS AND ITS USE THEREOF"
    3. November 16th
      • Press Release - Official Launch of 3D InsertTM-PS
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