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Polycaprolactone (PCL) is a biodegradable polymer used in many FDA approved implants, drug delivery devices, sutures, as well as for a wide variety of applications in tissue engineering research. These applications include: Bone/Cartilage, Cardiovascular, Nerve, Skin, Tendon/Ligament, Liver.


Pre-Sterilized and Ready to Use

Our 3D InsertTM-PCL scaffolds are prepackaged into wells of tissue culture plates and terminally sterilized using γ-radiation. Currently our PCL Scaffolds are available in prepackaged tissue culture plates ranging from 6-well to 96-well plates.


100% Connectivity

The pores of the products are 100% open, making it easy for cells to be seeded throughout the porous scaffolds and the nutrient and cell metabolic waste to be exchanged. This feature makes the products especially useful in conducting dynamic cultures where the medium can perfuse through the 100% open porous structure.


Well Defined Pore Size and Porous Structure

3D Biotek’s precision microfabrication technology produces a well-defined pore size and ensures the reproducibility of the porous structure from batch to batch.


Improved Cell Culture Efficiency

3D Biotek's products have increased surface areas as compared to 2D cell culture plates. There, more cells can be cultured using the same size cell culture dish/plates/flasks/bioreactors.


Easy Separation of Cytokines and Growth Factors Secreted by Cultured Cells

Our 3D cell culture scaffolds will not absorb cytokines and growth factors. Therefore, cytokines and growth factors, which are secreted by cultured cells during 3D culture, can be easily separated or recovered from the culture medium without going through any extra separation steps.


Organic Solvent Free

Cytotoxic organic solvents, such as chloroform and methylene chloride, are often used in fabricating PCL scaffolds. 3D Biotek’s precision micro-fabrication technology is a solvent-free manufacturing process. Therefore, the 3D InsertTM- PCL is free of organic solvent.


Fit Into Various Bioreactors

The size and configurations of 3D InsertTM - PCL can be customized to fit into the bioreactors of your choice.


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Introducing 3D Biotek's new 3D InsertTM PCL scaffolds for large scale 3D cell expansion! Compared with traditional 2D culture, 3D InsertTM PCL technology more closely resembles an in vivo environment. Cells expanded on our 3D scaffolds have more physiological-like morphology and function, thereby providing you with higher quality cells to use in your research. Combine 3D InsertTM PCL quality with the time, money and space you will save with this technology, and you will see that there is no other choice for 3D cell expansion. Ultimately, the 100 mm compatible 3D InsertTM PCL will save you money on expensive media and supplements; it will reduce your handling time, and it will save space in your tissue culture incubator.


  • Each 100 mm dish contains a polycaprolactone (PCL) scaffold with a fiber diameter of 300 µm and a pore spacing of 300 µm.
  • Each scaffold comes individually packaged and sterilized in an untreated 100 mm tissue culture plate. It is tissue culture ready to use
    upon arrival!
  • Our 3D InsertTM-PCL 96-well compatible scaffolds have been selected as standard 3D tissue culture scaffolds by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The same reference material is used in 3D Biotek's novel 100 mm 3D InsertTM-PCL Dish!


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