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Custom Design and Fabrication of 3D Cell Culture/Tissue Engineering Scaffolds

With its patented 3D Precision Micro-Fabrication Technology platform, 3D Biotek can help customers to design and fabricate 3D scaffolds with specific porous structure and configurations to meet the customer's specific needs. Customers are also welcome to bring their own polymeric materials and let us fabricate porous scaffolds according to their design.




Medical Device and Tissue Engineering Product Prototyping Using 3D Precision Micro-Fabrication Technology Platform

3D Precision Micro-Fabrication Technology platform is especially suitable for prototyping small medical devices and parts with internal structures. 3D Biotek will work with our customers to design and produce prototypes of their future products.  This will allow our customers to reduce their R&D expenses by shortening the product development cycle.Based on the 3D Precision Microfabrication Technology platform, 3D Biotek has recently developed a Rapid Stent Fabrication (RSF) System, which can be used to fabricate bioabsorbable porous tubular structures for blood vessel tissue engineering and cardiovascular stent applications.





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