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A Novel Integrated 3D Perfusion Bioreactor/Incubator System From 3D Biotek!

The fully automatic system will be launched to the market on Q3-2024


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The 3D Cell Expansion System (3D-CES) is an integrated system designed for large scale expansion of anchorage-dependent cells in a 3-dimensional (3D) microenvironment. Culture and expansion of a large quantity of cells by the traditional two dimensional (2D) method is difficult and known to have many challenges. The 3D-CES is designed to lift this inherent limitation of 2D cell culture and expansion methods. With the 3D-CES, cells are grown and expanded on 3D polystyrene (PS) scaffolds. The unique dynamic system circulates media throughout the system using a peristaltic pump providing an efficient exchange of nutrients and waste between media and the cells. With minimum hands-on time, this innovative technology is more efficient and significantly reduces the amount of time, space, and labor needed to achieve the desired number of cells in a shorter amount of time compared to other methods.


Highlight of the major Features

  • Integrated Bioreactor/Incubator System for large-scale cell expansion
  • Optimized for Stem Cell (Adipose-Derived & Bone Marrow) expansion
  • Cells are seeded and grown on 3D Biotek's polystyrene scaffolds
  • No need to change media in the entire expansion process
  • Reduced human interaction to minimize chances of contamination
  • Each culture chamber is capable of expanding up to 250 million cells in 14-18 days
  • Two culture chamber design allows max expansion up to 500 million per production run
  • Great potential for use in stem cell therapy and bio-banking
  • Also suitable for use in protein production for cosmetic industry

Culture Chamber and Media Container

  • The Culture Chamber and Media Container are placed inside a custom-made incubator which provides tubing connection through its side wall to the pump
  • Culture Chamber can hold up to 15 pieces of polystyrene (PS) scaffolds
  • Cells are seeded and expanded in the PS scaffold which provides a 3D micro-environment
  • The capacity of cells for each culture chamber is about 200 - 300 million
  • The Media Container can hold up to 3.5 liter
  • For 200 - 300 million of cells, about 2.5 liter of media is needed
  • Flow of media is from the Media Container in upward direction to the Culture Chamber through the PS scaffolds

Polystyrene (PS) Scaffold

  • Fabricated by 3D Biotek's micro-fabrication technology
  • Its unique feature is 100% connectivity within its structure which allows effective exchange of nutrients and waste between the media and the cells
  • PS scaffold is plasma-treated to enhence cell attachment
  • The fiber and pore size are approximately 150 and 200 microns, respectively.
  • The dimensions of each scaffold are approximately 105(W)x 66.5(D) x 0.6(H) mm

2-chamber design
  • It allows a max capacity of about 500 million of cells per single run

    Comptational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis

    • CFD is used as a design tool for flow optimization
    • It provide important parameters such as flow rate and max shear stress
    • Max shear stress is below critical value
    • Media flow is fairly uniform through the culture chamber and the scaffolds
    3D Cell Expansion System is registered with US FDA as Class I medical device  
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