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Our 3D InsertTM-PS Scaffolds are ideal for daily 3D cell culture applications. By utilizing our 3D InsertTM-PS you can turn an ordinary 2D monolayer cell culture into a novel 3 dimensional cell culture environment, which offers many extraordinary benefits you may never have realized.


Pre-Sterilized and Ready to Use

Our 3D InsertTM-PS scaffolds are prepackaged into wells of tissue culture plates and terminally sterilized using γ-radiation. Currently our PS Scaffolds are available in prepackaged tissue culture plates ranging from 6-well to 96-well plates.


100% Connectivity

The pores of the products are 100% open, making it easy for cells to be seeded throughout the porous scaffolds and the nutrient and cell metabolic waste to be exchanged. This feature makes the products especially useful in conducting dynamic cultures where the medium can perfuse through the 100% open porous structure.


Well Defined Pore Size and Porous Structure

3D Biotek’s precision microfabrication technology produces a well-defined pore size and ensures the reproducibility of the porous structure from batch to batch.


Easy Monitoring Cell Growth

3D InsertTM-PS scaffolds are made from polystyrene, the same material as the traditional tissue culture plates. The combination of transparency of the material and the porous structure design makes it possible to monitoring cell growth under an inverted light microscope.


Mechanically Strong and Easy to Handle

3D InsertTM-PS scaffolds are mechanically strong. Therefore, they are easy to handle and manipulate when needed.


Free of Animal Derived Material

Our PS Scaffolds are made from 100% synthetic polymer with consistent quality to ensure experimental reproducibility when using different batches of 3D InsertTM-PS.


Improved Cell Culture Efficiency

3D Biotek's products have increased surface areas as compared to 2D cell culture plates. There, more cells can be cultured using the same size cell culture dish/plates/flasks/bioreactors.


Easy Separation of Cytokines and Growth Factors Secreted by Cultured Cells

Our 3D cell culture scaffolds will not absorb cytokines and growth factors. Therefore, cytokines and growth factors, which are secreted by cultured cells during 3D culture, can be easily separated or recovered from the culture medium without going through any extra separation steps.


Compatible with Most 2D Cell Culture Protocols, Including Trypsin Digestion Protocol

Cells cultured in non-degradable scaffolds can be assayed using most 2D cell culture assay protocols. Cultured cells can be easily harvested using the same trypsin digestion protocol as in the 2D cell culture.


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Newly released Products - 3D Fluoroscence / Luminescence

Everyone knows that cells cultured on 2D plates are not an accurate representation of the 3D in vivo environment.  3D Biotek’s 3D InsertTM provides an in vivo-like 3D cell culture environment that enables you to perform more accurate cell-based in vitro assays.  And now, we are making your experiments even easier by combining our novel 3D scaffolds with fluorescent/luminescent plates!  This will allow you to perform fluorescent and luminescent assays, such as apoptosis and fluorescent ELISA on our 3D scaffolds without any additional steps! This unique feature is only available from 3D Biotek.


  • Plate configurations include standard black plates and black plates with transparent bottoms.
  • 96-well plates come sterilized, pre-packaged, and ready-to-use.
  • Each plate contains 24 polysterene tissue-cultured scaffolds; fiber diameter: ~150 microns; spacing: ~200 microns.
  • Plate configurations include white plateswith transparent bottoms.
  • 96-well plates come sterilized,pre-packaged, and ready-to-use.
  • Each plate contains 24 polysterenetissue-cultured scaffolds; fiber diameter:~150 microns; spacing: ~200 microns.


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