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Features and Benefits of β-TCP Disc


 An ideal reference biomaterial for bone and other tissue engineering research. This β—tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) is a commonly used totally absorbable bioceramic for bone tissue engineering. β-TCP disc is cell culture tested and terminally sterilized by ɤ-radiation.


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Ideal Reference Biomaterial for Bone Tissue Engineering Research

β-TCP has been extensively studied as bone repair and bone tissue engineering scaffold material. It has excellent biocompatibility and osteo-conductivity. Therefore, these β-TCP discs can serve as an ideal reference surface for your bone and other tissue engineering studies.


Pre-sterilized and Ready to Use

β-TCP discs are individually packaged and terminally sterilized using γ-radiation. They are ready to use!


Bioabsorbable and Non-Cytotoxic

β-TCP discs are made from 100% synthetic tri-calcium phosphate. β-TCP has been extensively studied and used as bioabsorbable biomaterial. β-TCP has excellent biocompatibility and is non- cytotoxic.


Consistent Quality

β-TCP discs are made from 100% synthetic β-TCP with consistent quality to ensure experimental reproducibility when using different batches of β-TCP discs.



Scanning Electron Microscopic (SEM) images showing that osteoblasts cultured on β-TCP discs at day 3 (A) and day 7 (B) .

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